Family photoshoot: What to wear?

Getting ready for your photo session is super exciting, especially when it’s all about picking outfits that truly show off the real you. No need to stress too much – just be yourself and have fun with it! But if you want some help figuring out what to wear, here are a few friendly tips to make sure you look and feel awesome in every photo.

Key tip: Embrace authenticity

In lifestyle photography the goal is to keep it real. If fancy clothes aren’t your thing, skip them. If your daughter is no fan of dresses, no need to make her wear one. And if your son dislikes button-down shirts, let him be comfortable. Just find clean, nice, and comfy clothing that aligns with your style. Dress your best but in a way that truly reflects your own style. 

Choosing colors: coordinate, don’t match

While there are exceptions when everyone in the same color can look great, it’s usually looks better to mix different colors and patterns. Let’s be honest, the whole family in matching jeans and white polos is a bit inauthentic. Instead, opt for colors that complement each other for a more natural and visually appealing look.

Avoid graphics and fluorescent colors

It’s best to steer clear of those super bright athletic shirts in neon orange or yellow for your kids. Wearing such vibrant colors might make their faces look like a glowing neon sign! Graphics have a tendency to go out of style, so my advice is to skip them for a timeless and classic look.

Choose clothing that fits properly

Kids grow quickly, and you want to maximize the use of each clothing item. However, for this occasion, it’s important to prioritize fit. Baggy or rolled-up clothing doesn’t photograph well, so aim for pieces that fit comfortably.

Mom, it’s your time to shine

I absolutely adore it when moms wear dresses (if that’s their thing) or an outfit that makes them feel fantastic! Take charge, go out and treat yourself to a new outfit, or pick something fabulous from your closet. Choose something that makes you feel amazing, and then let the rest of the family’s outfits complement yours. You deserve to look and feel your best! 

Opt for layers in your outfit

Layers not only add a stylish touch but also give you the flexibility to adjust if it gets warmer. Consider scarves, hats, vests, cardigans, tights, blazers, and jackets to add depth and versatility to your look.

Shoes and accessories matter too

Even the perfect outfit can lose its charm if paired with worn-out shoes. Consider how your shoes will complement your outfit, and don’t forget about accessories like necklaces, headbands, and more. These little details can not only tie your look together but also add a vibrant splash of color!

Create your own Pinterest board

Create your own Pinterest board or an inspiration board filled with outfit ideas or visit my Pinterest board. This will give you a sense of the colors, patterns, and trends that resonate with you. It’s a great way to gather inspiration and visualize your preferences before diving into selecting your photo shoot outfits.

Let the fun begin! Reach out to your photographer and don’t be shy about asking for help. We’re here to make the process enjoyable

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